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Smiling Ibis

22nd July, 2009. 10:39 am. This was freakin awesome!

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20th July, 2009. 11:50 am. Clever boy

I'm knitting a lacey type scarf and the pattern repeats over 24 lines. Usually I write the pattern out onto index cards so I don't lose my place. Yesterday I suddenly thougth: Hey why not put one line per page on a Word doc and mail it over to my Kindle.  I did and it's sooooo nice!! It displays one line at a time as I knit, and when I hit "next page" there's the next line!. Plus Kindle opens up to the furthest page left, so i'll always know where I left off. Clever me!

Current mood: creative.

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15th July, 2009. 8:40 am. More pics

More pics of me and Abekh in Maine and New Brunswick. Plus all the waterfall pics you can stand!

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14th July, 2009. 11:04 am. More pics! (via link)

Supposedly these links let non-facebook folk see my albums.

(pics of me and Abekh in Maine and Boston)


July 4th pics in Limestone Maine (where I grew up)


Current mood: sore.

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13th July, 2009. 3:48 pm. back from Maine

Back from the vacation in Maine. My folks liked Ray a lot and we had a good time. Here's a pic of us at Long Lake. Weather was lovely of course ;>

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11th June, 2009. 9:50 am. non facebook update

**** I resigned as a w'ab priest. Actually quite an easy decision to make when you weigh what you're supposed to be doing against what you're actually doing and don't feel the need to *have to have* the title to make you seem special. Just not the right time. I'm working on other things like:

**** Cutting waay back on my drinking. 4 days sober today! Go me I rock verily.

**** I have a Kindle! I'm in loves!

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4th June, 2009. 11:05 am. hysterical

Current mood: amused.

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26th May, 2009. 3:28 pm. back

Well, I'm back and in one piece. Married Danto on Friday night. Was exhausted but I got to rest on Monday and today I feel really good and charged up!

Current mood: contemplative.

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13th April, 2009. 12:03 pm. FYI in case you're not on Facebook...

I'll be marrying Erzulie Danto this May 22 if all goes according to plan.

Current mood: contemplative.

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2nd April, 2009. 8:20 am. translation

The Giraffe

by Nikolai Gumilev

Today, I see, you look especially sad,
and your hands especially thin, embracing your knees.
Listen: far away, far away on Lake Chad
roams an exquisite giraffe.
Graceful slenderness and contentment are his,
and his hide is decorated with an enchanting pattern,
only the moon dares compare itself with it,
fragmentary and rolling on the wide lake's waters.
From a distance he's like the colorful sails of a ship,
and his running is smooth like a joyful bird's flight.
I know there are many wonders to see in the world,
when at sunset he hides himself away in a marble grotto.
I know happy stories of mysterious lands,
of dusky maids, of a young leader's passion,
yet you've too long inhaled this heavy mist,
you don't want to believe in anything but the rain.
And while I tell stories of a tropical garden,
of slender palms, of the scents of unthinkable grasses...
you're weeping? Listen: .... far away, on Lake Chad
roams and exquisite giraffe.

c. 2009 garth tardy

(I less thrilled with this translation simply because the original has a meter that reminds the reader of the rhythmic galop or stride of a giraffe that my skills find impossible to reproduce without changing the words of the poem too much)

Russian below if you can see it right:


Сегодня, я вижу, особенно грустен твой взгляд,
И руки особенно тонки, колени обняв.
Послушай: далеко, далеко, на озере Чад
Изысканный бродит жираф.
Ему грациозная стройность и нега дана,
И шкуру его украшает волшебный узор,
С которым равняться осмелится только луна,
Дробясь и качаясь на влаге широких озер.
Вдали он подобен цветным парусам корабля,
И бег его плавен, как радостный птичий полет.
Я знаю, что много чудесного видит земля,
Когда на закате он прячется в мраморный грот.
Я знаю веселые сказки таинственных стран
Про черную деву, про страсть молодого вождя,
Но ты слишком долго вдыхала тяжелый туман,
Ты верить не хочешь во что-нибудь, кроме дождя.
И как я тебе расскажу про тропический сад,
Про стройные пальмы, про запах немыслимых трав…
Ты плачешь? Послушай… далеко, на озере Чад
Изысканный бродит жираф

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